Six Tips to Help you with your Refurbishment Project

Six Tips to Help you with your Refurbishment Project

It is quite exciting to take on a major refurbishment project and have each aspect of your house exactly as you want it. But, it requires plenty of work and you have to know what you are doing to ensure that you are doing the project right. Also, you have to carefully think what’s important to add value if you want to sell at the right price. Below are some tips that can help with your property refurbishment in London.

Think Holistically

Before you make your final decision on a refurbishment project, consider what you wish to achieve. For instance, instead of getting new windows, consider the issue you have to solve. Are you looking to have more heat or more light?

Enlist Professional Help

Employing professionals to assist you allow you to save money in the long run and you can be sure that you know exactly where to stand. A quantity surveyor keeps your bills on budget since day one. In case you are stuck on an aspect, the surveyor will advise about where to save elsewhere. Also, an architect is important and you will also have to employ an engineer to surely move walls.

Spend Time with Design

Although you may think of skipping on professional fees, it is best to sit down with an architect to help you in designing the project. You can expect him to bring in a new dimension and see things that you do not see. Also, the architect can provide you a great estimate of cost so that you can evaluate whether it’s possible to achieve your plans with your budget before applying for planning permissions.

Check Planning Permissions

In case you are looking to have renovation project which involves an extension of over 40 sq m, you may have to apply for planning permission. Double check with the right agency to know the exemptions before you start work. You don’t want to pay a fine or create issues in terms of selling your house.

Obtain Financing

A number of banks offer mortgage top-ups and loans to those who wish to do renovation work. In case you are looking to take out a loan for your project’s fund, ensure you include all additional payments in your budget.

Include as Much Detail as Possible

This is necessary if you go to tender so that it will be easy for you to compare quotes. It won’t be easy to get parity until you have carried out a detailed work schedule. Put everything in from painting walls, floor finishing and tiling to make sure cheapest is really the cheapest. With a detailed tender, you will be able to control costs while your refurbishment project progresses. Also, you will be able to easily adjust the quote when it’s over your budget.

Talk with Some Builders

As you search for builders, obtain various recommendations like two from each of your surveyor, architect and friends. Just ensure that you choose a builder who is interested in securing the work. You will know this because interested builders will ask questions, visit the site and send you a full schedule of work.

Author Bio: – Stewart Naish is Project Director at TC&D Construction. As a highly experienced and skilled property refurbishment professional, he shares his wealth of knowledge and insights into the world of interior design and fit out for both residential and commercial property renovations on Twitter @TCDConstruction